Whatsapp newsletter for De Living

For our good neighbours from the bar De Living and adjoining event venue De Zaal we set up a whatsapp newsletter.

The world of wonder

Found that holding a presentation in the Efteling has its obvious advantages, because your whole venture bathes in a fairy-tale-like wonder. maybe a previous visit, holding my grandfathers had, had something to do with it.


The vintage ride

Have you ever heard of Westouter? We discovered that a teambuidling in the border region of France and Flanders called Heuvelland has a whole lot to offer. No better way to see the beauty from the vantage of a pack of Citroën 2CV, we found. Heuvelland is bliss.

2CV collage.jpg

Crave your feast

The Edvardsson clan doubled its strength to serve you even better in 2019 and beyond. Edouard Devos, original head of the Edvardsson Clan, purveyor of encompassing event wisdom, was joined by his new partner Floris Van Cauwelaert, wilderness-nut who now roams conferences and events.


The quarter-final

We created The Kantinsky with De Living/De Zaal in Dilbeek … great memories from that one!